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Published 13 мая, 2015

Answering frequently asked questions. Before and after

FAQ. Is there really any difference between a retouched and unretouched photo ?

I let my clients choose between 4 different photography packages, the pricing of each depends of the duration of the photoshooting and the number of retouched photos they get in the end. In any case, my clients are always getting all their images (between (50 and 300) with basic color correction. Here is the question I receive all the time : » Is a difference between a retouched and unretouched photo that huge?» The answer is, YES, it is! Some of my clients are very happy with the color corrected photos, like on the first picture. They’re all high resolution and good quality, so you can also put them in frames or even print an album. However, if you want the WOW effect, you’ll probably want to use photos with artistic retouching like the image on the right.
What do i mean by artistic retouching is: — Advanced color correction, — Deep skin retouching
— Application of various overlays — Balancing shadows and highlights, etc.




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