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That every client, every bride, every kid,  every family, every project is unique and have amazing stories to share with the world. Our task is to tell those stories through our lenses in the best possible ways.

VG Media seeks to create stunning visual content for every client so that the sights, sounds, and emotions of their most special moments jump right off the screen or canvas and come to life every time they watch their videos or look at their photos.

We place  special emphasis on the client experience; ensuring that every photoshoot we do whether for a wedding, engagement, bridal, portrait sitting, family photo, or any other special occasion is given the attention to detail, time, and dedication that it deserves. We are a strictly “no hidden fee” policy company and every single one of our packages includes a copyright release and the full right to print for all of your images.

What makes us different from other companies is our focus on making your wedding day a picture perfect experience from start to finish, in photo, on film, and in reality.

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